Thin Yellow Line Flag

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These 36” x 20” flags are truly handmade in the USA (no CDC machine used) near Monroe, GA. Suitable for indoor or outdoor display, these flags’ traditional appearance look great in both modern and rustic decors.

Our wood: Using pine allows us to keep this sign’s weight down to 13 pounds as well as providing structural strength. Hand cutting each carefully selected piece helps us to avoid unsightly knots and bad spots in the wood. We singe the wood to bring out the pine’s natural distinctive grain, making each sign unique as no two pieces of wood are the same. Pine, unlike plastics, vinyl, or PVC is a renewable resource, so it’s good for the environment too.

Backing: We place three 1x3 on the back for extra protection.

Our Stain: We trust MinWax’s hundred plus years of experience for our stains and finishes.

Outdoor Use: Finished in a clear polyurethane, these signs can be placed out in the weather without fear, though we do recommend you apply a clear coat of spray enamel each year to avoid fading. (Available at most local hardware stores).

Stripes: Each stripe is made from an individual piece of wood that is singed and stained before being joined together with premium wood glue.

Stars: We stencil spray our stars for a consistent appearance.

Hanging: Mount these signs anywhere with the attached wire. Rated for 55 pounds, it has no problem holding this sign’s 13 pounds.

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